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About us ?
Actually, it's about you.

Want to know how we became the world’s leading Finance Mandarin coach for Financial Services ? Finance Mandarin for executive leaders since 1998.

We did it by focusing on you.


We aspire to be the trusted Finance Mandarin training partner to our clients: listed corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors, governments, public authorities and boards of directors.

Finance Mandarin ® is the client franchise of Hantong Finance Institute Limited.

• We provide best-in-class personal coaching and corporate training for C-level executives, who need to equip themselves with solid Business Mandarin communication skills in the finance workplace, for meeting, pitching and closing deals with Chinese clients.

• We are focused on being a significant partner for our clients as their Finance Mandarin trainer and provider of business communication skills on capital-raising services, which, in turn, enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals.

• We have 17 years of experience in serving the finance and legal sectors in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. At Finance Mandarin we originate and design comprehensive training to strengthen bankers’ Chinese language foundation, their understanding of Chinese government policy and regulations, and their necessary market intelligence. The return on investment becomes a reality as our clients excel on the most complex transactions across financial products.

• We commit to a long term relationship with our client partners and align our services to support clients' strategic growth.

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