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Translation & Interpretation services for M&A

"Finance Mandarin understands the essence of Mergers & Acquisition"

We provide Finance and Legal Mandarin translations for the world's top-tier banks, law firms, insurance companies, alternative investments, real estate, private equity firms, hedge funds, asset management firms, and FinTech businesses. We help to ensure that those finance giants grow their presence in the Chinese Mandarin market by communicating effectively with their shareholders, investors, customers, employees, and partners in their native language of Mandarin.

Our Finance Translators are excellent at communicating in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. They have in-depth experience under the Securities and Futures Commission Code on Takeovers, Mergers, and Share Buy- backs. We help you to meet regulatory requirements and grow your market share in China.

We can tailor communication solutions to suit your digital content for IPO roadshows, M&A compliance, and Simultaneous Interpreting of CEO speeches.

We will handpick linguists with qualified expertise in your industry sector and first- hand knowledge of the complicated Finance Mandarin regulatory and economic environment. Our legal and finance professionals are PBOC, CSRC, SAFE, and SASAC experts — ensuring you receive the best possible service and highest quality Finance Mandarin financial and legal translation.

Finance Mandarin's clients have a dedicated account manager who understands their business objectives and certifies that their core messages remain clear, concise, and accurate when translated for the Chinese Finance Mandarin market.

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