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Finance Mandarin for
Private Bank

[ FM014 ]

Special coaching for Managing Directors at Private Banks
with ambition to capture market share in China.
Exclusively for Certified Private Wealth Professionals CPWP.

  • Investment products, IPO, M&A
  • Structured products
  • Wealth planning, TRUST
  • Cash Managment & lending
  • Family wealth advisory solutions
  • Philanthropy management
  • Charitable entities
  • Millennial engagement
  • Thought leaders
  • Lifestyle advisory: Art & Aircraft
  • Health advisory
  • Personal security
  • Insurance solutions

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Learn Business Mandarin

Finance Mandarin for
Private Bank

[ FM014 ]

Private Bank Business Mandarin Course Outline

For UNHW Chinese, business relationships are a prerequisite for financial service in this sector. Master Business mandarin communication, build relationships, understand market forces, and assess regulatory risks.

Customized Finance Mandarin Private Bank Course designed for:

Investment bank, private bank professionals and senior executives who are required to carry out client meetings with sophisticated investors, hedge fund managers and private equity owners in China.

Private Bank Finance Mandarin Course highlights

  • Review of key finance terms: KYC, asset allocation and assets classes, hedge funds and private equity
  • Client pitching skills and client portfolio review
  • Overview of China macroeconomics, structure of PRC government and finance regulators

Private Bank Finance Mandarin Benefit On completion

  • Greater fluency and accuracy in Business Mandarin language at business and client meetings
  • Master the key communication skills and finance terminologies you need to operate in a PRC business context environment
  • Ability to present complex finance and debt related issues persuasively

Private Bank Business Mandarin Course Core Modules

  • Lesson 1: Sales Pitching and Know You Client
  • Lesson 2: Account Opening
  • Lesson 3: Asset Allocation and Asset Classes
  • Lesson 4: Client Portfolio Review and Role Play
  • Lesson 5: Hedge Funds
  • Lesson 6: Private Equity
  • Lesson 7: Asset Management, Top 10 Highest Return Funds
  • Lesson 8: Luxury Products Investment and Consumption
  • Lesson 9: Balance Sheet and Asset Allocation Return
  • Lesson 10: Trust, Estate Planning, Credit and Philanthropic Services
  • Lesson 11: Derivatives and Structured Products
  • Lesson 12: Futures and Metals, Property Finance
  • Lesson 13: M&A and LBO
  • Lesson 14: Bond Investment Instruments
  • Lesson 15: Alternative Finance Tools
  • Lesson 16: PRC Central and Local Government Structure and Officials
  • Lesson 17: Review of China Macroeconomics
  • Lesson 18: Debt Capital Markets
  • Lesson 19: Finance Regulators in HK and China
  • Lesson 20: Business Banquet Manners, Cultural Topics and Business Etiquette in China

Private Bank business mandarin course delivery

Private Bank Business Mandarin Course duration

  • 20 - 100 hours
  • intensive, immersion, regular

Private Bank Business Mandarin Course training mode

  • private one-to-one training
  • in-house workplace training
  • at our training centre

testimonial and assessment

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