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Finance Mandarin
Certificate Course

[ FM001 ]

Intensive 100 hours | 4 weeks

Intensive 200 hours | 8 weeks

Intensive 300 hours | 12 weeks

The best investment in yourself during your gardening leave.

Finance Mandarin Certificate Course has been specifically designed for English speaking professional investors who wish to progress on their Chinese language proficiency and prepare to tackle real-life business situations confidently and effectively.



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President PRC



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Jack Ma, Chairman Alibaba



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learn business mandarin

Finance Mandarin
Certificate Course

[ FM001 ]

Course Outline

finance focus

Designed to prepare professionals in financial services. The Finance Mandarin Certificate Course presents timeless business knowledge through topics ranging from frequently occurring finance business activities, economic systems and phenomena, to issues of common interest. Topics include: the stock market, international trade and economic recession and inflation.

mandarin business knowledge

Business knowledge is presented as a means to facilitate language learning, while the content-based materials enhance cultural awareness. The course focuses primarily on developing advanced language skills with particular emphasis on formal styles and business terminology.

chinese language learning

You will be supported and guided through the course as you develop the skills you need to continue learning for yourself. You are encouraged and inspired to explore and keep up-to-date with new developments in China’s economy through your own efforts, developing an independent learning style and connecting classroom learning to the real-world.

Curriculum Key Highlights

  • Delivers practical language skills and language learning skills
  • Provides timeless topics as a foundation and encourages students to acquire recent information to supplement this through their own efforts thus guiding them to make the necessary connections between the classroom and the real world.
  • Foundation in the common core of the language reinforced through task-based exercises to encourage language use
  • By the end of this rewarding course students will have the language skills and learning skills required to deal effectively with a range of business situations and the skills to prepare themselves for any future business encounters.

Course Core Modules

  • Preparatory Finance Mandarin Warm-up Lesson
  • The State Council and People's Bank of China
  • Government and Leaders, Chart of Power Balance
  • Lesson 1 Stock Market and Real Estate Market
  • Lesson 2 Foreign-exchange Market and Exchange Rate, SAFE, CBRC
  • Lesson 3 Fund Marketing and Sales, Institutional and Retail, QFII, QDII, RQFII
  • Lesson 4 International Trade Finance, Local Government Loans, Letter of Credit, Credit Risk
  • Lesson 5 Talent Recruitment and Leadership
  • Lesson 6 Business Models and Asset Valuation
  • Lesson 7 Ownership, family business, family office and entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 8 Economic Recession and Inflation, CPI, PPI
  • Lesson 9 Taxation, Company Formation, and re-structuring
  • Lesson 10 Personal Finance Management and Insurance
  • Lesson 11 Intellectual Property and Trade Mark
  • Lesson 12 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Lesson 13 Asset Classes, Financial Statements
  • Lesson 14 Legal and Compliance, internal audit
  • Lesson 15 Risk Management and Asset Liability Management
  • Lesson 16 Equity Capital Markets
  • Lesson 17 Debt Capital Markets
  • Lesson 18 Hedge Fund, Funds of Funds, Public Market
  • Lesson 19 Private Equity, LBO and M&A
  • Lesson 20 IPO and IPO Regulations, Credit Ratings
  • Appendix A Chinese-English Glossary of Words and Expressions, 23,000 terms database
  • Appendix B Key Chinese Government departments, State Council, NDRC, SCAAC, MoC, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Ministry of Finance, HKEx, SFC
  • Appendix C Index of Language Tips
  • Appendix D Index of Notes
  • Appendix E Key Investment banks (Who's Who)
  • Appendix F Top Private Equity Firms

Course Elective Credits

  • Asset Management
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • IPO
  • M & A
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Investment Bank
  • Private Banking
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounting & Auditing for IPO
  • Legal Due Diligence for Corporate Finance
  • Business Leaders
  • Leader Profiles
  • PRC Government & Politics
  • Finance Regulators
  • Macro Economics
  • Specialised Industry Sector Mandarin Courses
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Credit Ratings
  • Chinese Culture
  • Open Door Policy 1980-2015

Ms. Liu Ming Cui, Principal Consultant, Finance Mandarin

Ms. Liu, one of Asia's most renowned Chinese language-coaching experts, is a highly respected designer of language training for such organizations as Deutsche Bank, Visa International, Amway, Bausch & Lomb, Mass Transit Railway Corporations, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Swire Coca-Cola. Since 1998, she has coached more than 300 senior executives from such companies as AOL Times Warner, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, INVESCO, Merrill Lynch, Island Shangri-La, KPMG, Hang Seng Insurance, Prudential, Pacific Century, Clifford Chance, Holman, Fenwick & Willan, State Street , Nestle and the Hong Kong Airport Authority.

A consultant to industries in an array of fields, specializing for the finance and legal sectors, Ms. Liu exhibits an enthusiasm for teaching and lifelong learning, as well as an integrity, reliability, and respect for confidentiality, that make her a much-sought-after workshop facilitator. A professor for 10 years at Dong Wu University, Taiwan, and a recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award, Ms. Liu has a master's degree in Social Work and Psychology and is certified as a Chinese-language teacher by both Peking University and Baptist University of Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong, where she lives with her husband, Ms. Liu develops and supervises training courses and immersion programs in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

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