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Finance Mandarin
Mergers and Acquisitions M&A Course

designed for
professional investors
who cover China

The "Finance Mandarin Mergers and Acquisitions M&A Course" is designed for:
Investment bankers, financial advisors, lawyers, account auditors and corporate finance specialists who provide M&A advisory services to investors and clients in China.

Learn Business Mandarin Chinese focus on M&A and Due Diligence. Chinese M&A deal-flow activities are flourishing and personal relationships are critical to success. Communication in Business Mandarin will enable your success as the deal investment banker, legal advisor, ratings agency and accountant.

your takeaway skills

  • China market knowledge
  • Mandarin presentation skills
  • Overview of China macro-economics, structure of PRC Government and Finance regulators
  • Build a foundation in the common core of language, reinforced through task based exercises
  • Analyse Volumes and Values of M&A activity in specific regions or sectors; Discuss deal patterns and identify trends
  • Greater fluency and accuracy in Business Mandarin language at business and client meetings
  • Ability to present corporate finance issues and M&A transactions persuasively
  • Master the key business mandarin communication skills and M&A terminologies you need to operate in a PRC business context environment
  • Master key M&A terms: Evaluating and Pricing Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Business Valuation, Financing Acquisitions and Leveraging Buyouts

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course content

China market deals case studies

Course content is built on case studies of the latest China market deals. You will learn the leaders and companies active in China's IPO market.

recently added case studies


Private Equity Fund M&A Stratgies: Legal Agreements Focus

case study preview >>>


PE Focus: List of Due Diligence Questions

case study preview >>>


Bilibili second listing in HK: Overview of Analyst Q&A Report

case study preview >>>

most popular case studies


TikTok Spin-off, Sequoia & General Atlantic Plan to Acquire (Trump Banned the APP in US 1 Aug 2020)

case study preview >>>


IPO Valuation: Didi & Uber Comparison

case study preview >>>


Tencent Q&A Recording of 2020 Q2

case study preview >>>

study industry leaders



Mǎ Yún

Jack Ma, Chairman Alibaba

deal maker



Mǎ Huà Téng

Pony Ma, Tencent

deal maker



Finance Mandarin for Cifford Chance (Alumni)



legal advisor


Finance Mandarin for Moody's (Alumni)

ratings agency


Finance Mandarin for KPMG (Alumni)

account auditor


Finance Mandarin for GS (Alumni)

investment bank

beginner, intermediate or advanced level

tailored to match your Mandarin level

learning packages

Learning packages to suit your mode of study and your work schedule.

  • private one-to-one training
  • in-house workplace training
  • at our training centres
  • active learning
  • top trainers with teaching and finance qualifications
  • intensive, immersion, regular
  • 20 - 100 hours packages
  • AI powered platform to focus your learning time
  • pre-course assessment; mid course review
  • portfolio of learning outcomes

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you are in good company

Our clients are top performers at global financial institutions. Finance Mandarin alumni are leaders in asset management who capitalise on the value of person to person relationships.

I work in the field of luxury insurance and learning Chinese is very helpful in furthering my engagement with my Chinese speaking clients. As a total beginner of learning Chinese, I have been very satisfied with my excellent trainer from Finance Mandarin. more ...

Rhiannon Alban-Davies
Insurance Broker, Fine Art & Jewelry


Willis Towers Watson Hong Kong

With Vienne Lee, I have had an excellent Finance Mandarin coaching since I started working in the banking industry. The program focused on LBO and Project Finance. After few years, I reached out to her again for presentation and pitching enhancement. more ...

Steven Sze
Investment Banking Associate


JP Morgan

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curriculum design
with depth and experience

"Finance Mandarin Mergers and Acquisitions Course" is designed for your learning, with three layers:
1. tailored to meet your specific needs,
2. case studies from latest China Market deals, and
3. foundation curriculum design of core modules.

Finance Mandarin Mergers and Acquisitions Course - Core Modules

  • Lesson 1: Corporate Finance, Strategy and the Economics of M&A
  • Lesson 2: Evaluating and Pricing Acquisitions
  • Lesson 3: Due Diligence
  • Lesson 4: Business Valuation
  • Lesson 5: Negotiating the Terms of a Merger
  • Lesson 6: Pitching for Mode of Financing
  • Lesson 7: Legal Structures
  • Lesson 8: Financing Acquisitions and Leveraging Buyouts
  • Lesson 9: Post-merger Restructuring and Divestitures
  • Lesson 10: M&A Documentation
  • Lesson 11: Discuss Potential Deals and the latest News in your covered Industries
  • Lesson 12: Analyse Volumes and Values of M&A activity in specific regions or sectors
  • Lesson 13: Discuss Deal Patterns and identify Trends
  • Lesson 14: Present your Personalized Bidder, Target and Seller lists
  • Lesson 15: Win as an Advisor to be appointed successfully
  • Lesson 16: Identify PE-backed Companies ripe for exit
  • Lesson 17: Enhance your Financial Due Diligence
  • Lesson 18: Macroeconomics in China
  • Lesson 19: PRC Central and Local Government Structure and Officials
  • Lesson 20: Finance Regulators in HK and China
  • Lesson 21: Business Banquet Manners, Cultural Topics and Business Etiquette in China

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