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Vienne Lee

Founder & CEO

Vienne Lee has been a serial entrepreneur and committed educator for the past 20 year. She has established three successful educational ventures with profit.

Vienne Lee coach C-level clients - who are the world's top financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, CPPIB, VISA, Fidelity, HSBC, HKEX, SFC to name just a few - to build closer relationships, to engage with and inspire their mainland Chinese Stakeholders.

About Finance Mandarin App
Learn Business Mandarin with our expertise in Finance Mandarin: IPO, M&A, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Project Finance and Asset Management. Vienne Lee and her AI enabled team provide first class Finance Mandarin Chinese training and Presentation Skills coaching for C-level executives and corporations. Learn Finance Mandarin Chinese at www.financemandarin.com.

Vienne Lee has 20 years of experience serving the finance and legal sectors in major financial hubs. As the founder of Finance Mandarin, she originates and designs comprehensive online training to strengthen bankers’ Chinese language foundation, strengthen their understanding of Chinese government policy and regulations, and strengthen their necessary market intelligence. The return on investment becomes a reality as her clients excel on the most complex transactions across financial products.

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