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People do business with people. Especially in China. Speaking good Business Chinese and developing a strong relationship with Chinese business partners are paramount to your successful business deals in China.

your takeaways

  • pitch asset classes to clients - in Mandarin Chinese
  • conduct client reviews - in Mandarin Chinese
  • brief on portfolio strategies - in Mandarin Chinese
  • China market knowledge
  • Mandarin language skills
  • Strengthen Business Mandarin language skills at client and investor meetings
  • Master the key communication skills and finance terminologies you need to operate in a PRC business context environment
  • present complex PE and finance issues confidently

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learn mandarin by case studies

Finance Mandarin uses case studies as your learning content. Topics from the finance markets will enrich and accelerate your learning. Events, courses, and case studies include sector focus on ESG Investing, IPOs, China regulations, FINTECH, payment systems and asset managment.




Finance Mandarin Reading Club: Financial Cold War, James A. Fok

21 Jan 2022, 4:00pmfuture event

Finance Mandarin Reading Club: Financial Cold War, James A. Fok

Finance Mandarin Reading Club: Financial Cold War Host: Vienne Lee VIP Speaker: James Fok Name of the event: Finance Mandarin Reading Club: Financial Cold War Date: 21 January Friday 4-4:20 pm Mode: LIVE streaming online Since the 2008 global financial crisis, tensions between the United States and China have risen rapidly. The rhetoric escalated further when the Trump Administration imposed significant new tariffs on Chinese goods and, despite a transition to a new administration in the White House, a near-term thawing of relations does not appear to be in the cards. In Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-US Relations from the Financial Markets, market structure and geopolitical finance expert James Fok examines Sino-US relations through the lens of the financial markets, helping readers understand how imbalances and nuances in the structure of the global financial system have contributed to the current geopolitical tensions between America and China. The book traces the history of the development of financial markets in both countries and of the current US dollar-based global financial system. It goes on to explain why the structure of world financial markets is fanning the flames of global tensions. Alongside a presentation of geopolitical developments between China and the West from the 18th century to the present day, the author examines the role of technology, innovation, regulation, taxation, and politics in markets. At the same time, he explores how the markets have impacted politics and policy. Drawing on over two decades of hands-on experience in financial markets, including a decade on the frontline negotiating the integration of Mainland Chinese and international capital markets, Fok offers an in-depth analysis of the global financial system and questions the enduring assumptions that underpin it. He highlights the growing risks of dependence on the US dollar and worldwide fiscal competition, the challenges posed by China’s gradual financial market opening, and the role played by Hong Kong as an intermediary for capital flows between China and the rest of the world. He also suggests ways for Chinese and American policymakers to address key financial sources of conflict in order to de-escalate geopolitical tensions. Financial Cold War is a must-read resource for anyone interested in the interplay between financial markets and international relations, and the international infrastructure of the financial system.

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Finance Mandarin - Job Interview China Market

  • learn mandarin by case studies
  • structured curriculum with over 15 case studies in China FinTech
  • Fintech in China.
  • LIVE workshops + One-to-one teacher online + flexible self-study
  • 10 hours learning, over 5 weeks
  • Jan2021 cohort: 8th Jan to 5th Feb

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CPPIB, Fidelity Lead 300Mn Dollars Funding for Kry - Online Medical Platform

CPPIB, Fidelity Lead 300Mn Dollars Funding for Kry - Online Medical Platform

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Study industry leaders, regulators and government officials

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习近平 Xí Jìnpíng
President PRC, Chairman CPC Politburo Standing Committee

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李克强 Lǐ Kèqiáng
Premier PRC, CPC Politburo Standing Committee

world leaders

Jack Ma
Chairman Alibaba Group

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Pony Ma
Chairman Tencent

world leaders

郭树清 Guō Shùqīng
Chairman CBIRC China Banking & Insurance Regulatory Commission

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Study market leading companies and financial institutions


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PBoC People's Bank of China


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Vienne Lee is Finance Mandarin's master coach. She has more than 20 years experience coaching C-suite executives to succeed in the China Market.

Vienne Lee's Learning INSIGHTS

ByteDance IPO Business Chinese Mandarin | Interactive Course

11 Jun 2021

As of November 2018, ByteDance had over 800 million daily active users (over 1 billion accumulated users) across all of its content platforms. The valuation of ByteDance was approaching USD 400 billion for private-equity investors in Apr 2021. It was claimed that revenue is mainly generated from Douyin and Toutiao, through advertising by pushing them to the target segment. Keep reading to see how the algorithm works. more: www.VienneLee.com

Vienne Lee's Learning INSIGHTS

I can self-study to learn Mandarin already, what is the point of joining Finance Mandarin?

8 Jun 2021

I don’t have a teacher that gives me immediate responses.
Alex is highly motivated to learn Mandarin even before joining Finance Mandarin. He had tried studying by himself. But soon he acknowledged the drawbacks of it, he did not know whether he is doing right on the pronunciations and usages of the vocabularies. There is no one to correct his pronunciations. Besides, he can only learnt a few words but they are not for business purposes! more: www.VienneLee.com

your advantage by learning mandarin

China is the world's fastest growing major economy. Speaking good Business Mandarin and developing a strong relationship with Chinese business partners are paramount to any business deals.

If you are a financial professional, we will give you the vital edge in Finance Mandarin training you need to maximize your career. You can communicate the industry insights professionally and impeccably in Chinese. We focus on helping you to be first in line, and to be best prepared. We make sure you know about the latest opportunities in the China market, and have the best market intelligence – wherever and whenever you need it.

Finance Mandarin executive education is tailored to the changing needs of your business – focusing on China deals, allowing you to leverage a tangible competitive advantage.

Our expert trainers have extensive years of experience in professional language coaching. They are native mandarin speakers with Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics, English or Chinese languages, from reputable universities in China.

At Finance Mandarin, we operate in three major cities in China; Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. We cover finance professionals across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. We are ideally placed to connect finance professionals who are Investment Bankers, Traders, Asset Managers, Relationship Managers, Treasurers, Risk Managers, Accountants, Lawyers, Business Analysts, Actuaries and Graduate Trainees.

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