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Join us, and you will be part of the world’s leading financial education institution for executives. Working with the most dynamic, insightful and – let’s be honest – ambitious online and face-to-face professionals in the business.

You will become immersed in an exciting, multi-cultural environment that positively embraces change.

You will be empowering individuals to achieve the results their talents deserve. You will work with leading financial institutions – enabling them to develop a vital commercial edge through the abilities of the talented people we help to them attract.

and your own career ?

We don’t believe in limits. Just maximizing potential and earning the rewards your skills deserve. Plus you will have the satisfaction of working within a company that constantly challenges itself to provide the most innovative, effective and engaging service.

Finance Mandarin is a unique arm of the Business Mandarin Ltd., helping the financial services corporations and individuals. If you want to maximize your talent, check out the current openings listed above.

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