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Finance Mandarin for
Real Estate Finance

[ FM008 ]

We have applied this 300 hour curriculum for bankers, investors, lawyers and accountants who provide financing and advisory services. For Managing Directors, Senior Vice Presidents and Associates on the buy-side and sell-side of Real Estate Investments. Learn Business Mandarin focussing on top developers and latest news.

Top developers.

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Wanda Vanke announce partnership; form giant real estate alliance

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Wang Jianlin interprets "light Wanda" objective as 1,000 Wanda Plazas

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Learn Business Mandarin

Finance Mandarin for
real estate finance

[ FM008 ]

Customized Curriculum:
Real Estate Finance for CPPIB

Tailor-made Real Estate Finance curriculum comprises 20 modules covering the learning period of 300 hours for Managing Directors, Senior Vice Presidents and Associates of the buy-side and sell-side of Real Estate Investments.

Curriculum Key highlights

  • China’s macro-economic policies
  • Professional real estate investment
  • Financial capital strategies and practical skills
  • Corporate real estate management and operations
  • Sources of Real Estate finance funding
  • Procedures of Real Estate financing
  • Types of Real Estate: Industrial, commercial, residential
  • Investment portfolios
  • China property developers and possible JVs

Finance Mandarin for CPPIB (Alumni)

CPPIB Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

finance mandarin alumni

Finance Mandarin for Real Estate

Jimmy is responsible for CPPIB’s real estate in Asia. He has over 20 years real estate experience in Asia having worked out of Singapore, South Korea and currently based in Hong Kong. Prior to joining CPPIB in 2008, Jimmy worked with several leading real estate companies including ING Real Estate.

Jimmy Phua, Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Investments (Asia), CPPIB

Course Outline

Module 1

Real estate macro-economic policies

  1. China’s contemporary real estate macro-control policies
  2. Development history of China's real estate industry
  3. Contemporary trends and forecast of China’s real estate development
  4. Experience and case studies of real estate development in Asia from developed markets - Australia, Japan, Singapore, HK, South Korea and Malaysia - to emerging markets - Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia.
  5. Asian Real Estate markets: Customs and practices. Investment returns.

Module 2

Operation and management of the real estate business

  1. Establishment of a comprehensive real estate operation and management system
  2. Reconstruction of real estate organizational structure and processing
  3. Branding strategies of real estate companies and projects
  4. Investment and management of real estate human capital
  5. Strategic positioning and innovative business models for real estate companies

Module 3

Practical investment strategies of residential real estate projects

  1. Establishment of a comprehensive real estate operation and management system
  2. Review of China's residential real estate project development
  3. Investment strategies and analysis of residential real estate projects
  4. Investment portfolio of residential real estate projects
  5. Commercial facilities of residential real estate projects

Module 4

Practical investment strategies of commercial real estate projects

  1. Development models and investment strategies for commercial real estate projects
  2. Commercial real estate portfolio strategies and business district analysis and positioning
  3. Merchant and operational management of commercial real estate projects
  4. Investment and financing model analysis of commercial real estate projects
  5. Investment and development essentials for office buildings and commercial streets
  6. Professional investment and development essentials for commercial real estate projects (building materials, house ware, clothing, and auto accessories, etc.)

Module 5

Practical investment strategies of industrial real estate projects

  1. Development status of China’s industrial real estate projects
  2. Investment strategies and financing model analysis of industrial real estate projects
  3. Positioning and business model of industrial real estate projects
  4. Construction and cooperation of development and industrial districts - Case studies - HK Logistic Hubs and Warehouses n Shanghai and HK.
  5. Analysis of China and International mineral resources regulations
  6. Legal issues of mining investment and development in China

Module 6

City strategies and optimization of land acquisition

  1. Selection strategies and decision-making of new cities
  2. Mature and effective land acquisition
  3. Site selection and environmental Analysis
  4. Land evaluation, land reserves and land operations
  5. Strategies and application of land bidding, auction and listing; primary land development and cooperative development
  6. Urban development strategies and urban planning
  7. Analysis of state and local government land management systems and reforms

Module 7

Project positioning and overall landscape planning

  1. Positioning principles and differentiated positioning strategies of real estate projects
  2. Industrial-oriented planning and location analysis of real estate projects
  3. Overall planning strategies for real estate projects
  4. Landscape design and case studies of real estate projects

Module 8

Architectural design and real estate rental scale

  1. Selection strategies of architectural design companies for developers
  2. Architectural style and design for varies industries
  3. Appreciation of ancient and modern architectures
  4. Real estate Feng Shui, site selection, planning and layout, and architectural design

Module 9

Real estate project management and construction

  1. Establishment and implementation of real estate project management system
  2. Analysis of project quality management and the establishment of quality assurance system
  3. Refined and comprehensive real estate costs processing management
  4. Real estate contract management and case studies: Coffee chain store; Supermarket chain store; hotel franchises

Module 10

Overall budgeting, cost control and tax planning of real estate

  1. Tax planning and case studies of real estate
  2. Overall budget management of real estate
  3. Financial management strategies and financial structure of real estate
  4. Cost control strategies and tactics of real estate
  5. Specific development models for subsidiary property management companies within the group
  6. New customer relationship marketing for modern real estate companies

Module 11

Real estate financial analysis

  1. Financial market analysis for international real estate
  2. Development trends of international real estate financial system
  3. Discussions and analysis of China’s real estate financial policies
  4. China's real estate financial market analysis

Module 12

Listing strategies and operation of real estate companies

  1. Practical case studies of China’s listed real estate companies
  2. Strategies and decision-making of domestic and international main board listing real estate companies
  3. Strategies and decision-making of GEM in China (and the United States, Britain, Singapore, and Hong Kong, etc.)
  4. Strategies and decision-making of independent and backdoor listings

Module 13

Real estate capital operation and risk control

  1. The use of capital market for added corporate value
  2. The relationship between real estate companies and banks under the new financial environment
  3. Mergers and acquisitions and development cooperation of real estate companies
  4. Investment decision-making and risk management of real estate companies
  5. Raising, cooperation and case studies of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  6. Real estate trusts, real estate private equity funds, real estate securitization building, cooperation and case studies
  7. Raising, cooperation and case studies of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Mortgage-Backed Securitization (MBS)

Modules 14 - 20

Current Real Estate Case Studies

  1. CPP real estate success stories
  2. High-profit real estate development models
  3. 12 real estate corporate financing models and case studies
  4. Green buildings and application of new technologies
  5. Legal system and policy analysis for real estate companies
  6. Marketing strategies in the internet era
  7. Successful real estate trade fairs
  8. Overseas real estate markets and its management
  9. CBD practices and case studies
  10. Commentary and editorial for real restate finance

Real Estate Finance Mandarin Course delivery

Real Estate Finance Mandarin Course duration

  • 300 hours
  • intensive, immersion, regular

Real Estate Finance Mandarin Course training mode

  • private one-to-one training
  • in-house workplace training
  • at our training centre

testimonial and assessment

  • ask for testimonials and assessment

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