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Finance Mandarin for
Debt Capital Markets

[ FM012 ]

Master Business mandarin communication, build relationships, understand market forces, and assess regulatory risks.

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Finance Mandarin for
Debt Capital Markets

[ FM012 ]

Debt Capital Markets Business Mandarin Course Outline

Customized Finance Mandarin Debt Capital Markets Course designed for:

Investment bankers, senior executives and Legal professionals who are specialised in Debt Capital Markets Transaction Management and provide advice to issuers, investors and clients in China.

Debt Capital Markets Finance Mandarin Course highlights

  • Review of key finance terms: SWAP Analysis, Liability Management, Asset-Backed Finance, Public and Private Debt Placement
  • Corporate Valuation Methodologies, Due Diligence and Credit Ratings
  • China macroeconomics, structure of PRC government and finance regulators

Debt Capital Markets Finance Mandarin Benefit On completion

  • Greater fluency and accuracy in Business Mandarin language at business and client meetings
  • Master the key communication skills and finance terminologies you need to operate in a PRC business context environment
  • Ability to present complex finance and debt related issues persuasively

Debt Capital Markets Business Mandarin Course Core Modules

  • Lesson 1: SWAP Analysis
  • Lesson 2: Products: Liability Management, Asset-Backed Finance, Project Finance, Equipment Finance
  • Lesson 3: Public and Private Debt Placement
  • Lesson 4: IPO, Debt Offering and Leveraged Buyout
  • Lesson 5: Corporate Valuation Methodologies, Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling
  • Lesson 6: Deal Structure and Process
  • Lesson 7: Due Diligence, Comfort Letters, Transaction Documents
  • Lesson 8: Asset Classes and Credit Risk
  • Lesson 9: Rating Agencies and Credit ratings
  • Lesson 10: Financial Models, P/E, Aggregate Value/EBITDA
  • Lesson 11: Client’s Role in Soliciting, Structuring and Executing Debt
  • Lesson 12: Valuation Analysis for M&A
  • Lesson 13: Evaluation of Capital Structure Alternatives, Asset Monetization and Relationship lending
  • Lesson 14: Macro issues: Government Investment Vehicles
  • Lesson 15: Macro issues: Fed Interest Rates, QE
  • Lesson 16: Macro issues: RMB Appreciation
  • Lesson 17: Macro issues: Shadow Banking
  • Lesson 18: PRC Central and Local Government Structure and Officials
  • Lesson 19: Finance Regulators in HK and China
  • Lesson 20: Business Banquet Manners, Cultural Topics and Business Etiquette in China

Debt Capital Markets business mandarin course delivery

Debt Capital Markets Business Mandarin Course duration

  • 20 - 100 hours
  • intensive, immersion, regular

Debt Capital Markets Business Mandarin Course training mode

  • private one-to-one training
  • in-house workplace training
  • at our training centre

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