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28 Jul 2021

Internet Special Rectification Activities


互联网+ hùliánwǎng + internet+


26 Jul 2021

China Education Stocks Plunge, Highlighting Policy Risks Facing Investors

好未来 Hǎo wèilái TAL


22 Jul 2021

Pets Products: Chowsing in Funding - Hony Investment

卫仕 Wèi shì Nourse


Pet products brand Chowsing completed a B++ round of financing of more than 200 million yuan, and the old shareholder, Hony Capital, oversubscribed.

In this topic, you will learn:
- How much has Chowsing raised in Series B
- What is the business model
- How to pitch its annual sales
- Development of China's pet products marketmore ...


21 Jul 2021

China Evergrande Shares Tumble after Court Freezes $20m Bank Deposits

恒大方 Héng dàfāng Evergrande side


As of July 20, 2021, China Evergrande's stocks drop 14% to four-year lows, following news of an asset freeze.

The drop has wiped off about 37 billion Hong Kong dollars ($4 billion) from China Evergrande’s shares since Friday, leaving it with a market value of about 93 billion Hong Kong dollars (nearly $12 billion), according to Wind Information.

What caused the plunge of Evergrande's shares?

Learn this case study and you will be able to:
✅Understand the reasons for the decline of Evergrande's share price
✅Identify the China regulators and policy
✅Explain the bond and capital markets in Mandarin

more ...


20 Jul 2021

Alibaba and Tencent Consider Opening Up Their ‘Walled Gardens’

腾讯阿里巴巴握手言和 Téngxùn ālǐ bābā wòshǒu yán hé Tencent and Alibaba Shake Hands and make peace


China's two Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent may "reconcile in the century": Alibaba and Tencent consider opening their ecosystems to each other.

In this topic, you will learn:
- What are the initial measures Alibaba and Tencent may have
- What competition is there between Ali and Tencent
- Why do the benefits of the two parties' reconciliation outweigh the disadvantages
- What is the major driving force for the new ecology of Internet companies
- What are the benefits to the market and consumersmore ...


19 Jul 2021

AI 2041 Book Kai-Fu Lee

《AI 2041》十个预言

AI 2041 AI Èr líng sìyī AI 2041


Kai-Fu Lee 李开复 (December 3, 1961) is a Taiwanese-born American computer scientist, businessman, and writer. He is currently based in Beijing, China. He has his book《AI 2041》, with science fiction novelist Qiufan Chen as the co-author, to be published on September 14, 2021.

In this topic, you will learn to introduce this book:
- Question the pros and cons brought by AI
- What are the benefits and risks and who is causing them?
- What are Lee and Chen expecting after 20 years?more ...


12 Jul 2021

Chinese Companies IPO In US hold: Hellobike, Ximalaya, Soul

喜马拉雅 Xǐ mǎ lā yǎ Ximalaya


Ximalaya, a Chinese podcast startup, which has an open prospectus on April 30, 2021, has recently suspended its listing in the United States, and it is estimated to be listed in Hong Kong by the market.

In this topic, you will learn to:
- Compare regulatory risks between audio and short video platforms
- Understand Hellobike, PaaS provider Qiniu Cloud and Soul's listing progress
- Pitch the reasons why companies are now waiting and watching for listing in the United States without making decisionsmore ...


12 Jul 2021

Housekeeping Service APP - Daojia IPO in US

天鹅到家 Tiān Daojia


58 Daojia renamed to Swan Daojia and went public in the United States. Swan Daojia provides online information and access to high-quality offline services such as cleaning, moving, babysitting, and beauty care.

In this topic, you will learn to:
- Introduce the three lead underwriters
- Pitch the total transaction volume, number of customers and platform services providers
- Present the business model for Swan Daojia
- Describe its performance in 2020
- Analyse the risks between Swan Daojia and 58.commore ...


9 Jul 2021

PBoC Fintech Regulations

央行金融科技 Yāngháng jīnróng kējì PBoC fintech


9 Jul 2021

HKEX Mainland China Advisory Group and Mainland Markets Panel;

港交所 Gǎng jiāo suǒ HKEx Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.


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