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Master Business mandarin communication, build relationships, understand market forces, and assess regulatory risks.

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Finance Mandarin for

[ FM011 ]

CEO and CFO Business Mandarin Course Outline

Customized Finance Mandarin CEO and CFO Course designed for:

CEOs, CFOs, Senior Executives and Accountants who are required to conduct business meetings with clients and investors in China.

CEO and CFO Finance Mandarin Course highlights

  • Review of key finance terms: Equities, Bonds, Derivatives, IPOs, Due Diligence, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investment portfolio performance and risk analysis
  • Overview of China macroeconomics, structure of PRC government and finance regulators

CEO and CFO Finance Mandarin Benefit On completion

  • Strengthen Business Mandarin language skills at client and investor meetings
  • Master the key communication skills and finance terminologies you need to operate in a PRC business context environment
  • Ability to present complex PE and finance issues confidently

CEO and CFO Business Mandarin Course Core Modules

  • Lesson 1: Review of Financial Statements
  • Lesson 2: IPOs and Credit Ratings
  • Lesson 3: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Lesson 4: Due Diligence and Corporate Finance
  • Lesson 5: Business Models and Asset Valuations
  • Lesson 6: Credit Risk Analysis
  • Lesson 7: Industry Risk Analysis
  • Lesson 8: Taxation, Company Formation and Restructuring
  • Lesson 9: Risk Management and Asset Liability Management
  • Lesson 10: International Trade Finance and Corporate Finance
  • Lesson 11: Accounting Policies and Principles
  • Lesson 12: Economic Recession and Inflation, CPI, PPI
  • Lesson 13: Stock Markets and Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Lesson 14: RMB Trade Settlement
  • Lesson 15: Legal and Compliance, Internal Auditors and External Auditors
  • Lesson 16: AGM and Annual Reports
  • Lesson 17: PRC Central and Local Government Structure and Officials
  • Lesson 18: Review of China Macroeconomics
  • Lesson 19: Finance Regulators in HK and China
  • Lesson 20: Business Banquet Manners, Cultural Topics and Business Etiquette in China

CEO and CFO business mandarin course delivery

CEO and CFO Business Mandarin Course duration

  • 20 - 100 hours
  • intensive, immersion, regular

CEO and CFO Business Mandarin Course training mode

  • private one-to-one training
  • in-house workplace training
  • at our training centre

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