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AI in China

Finance Mandarin Masterclass image AI in China 1 week, 5 hours commitment
June 2019 cohort
USD $150

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Robin Li's AI plan.
AI's coming impact on B2B. Robin Li's profile - overlaps with your own career path. Baidu is leading China's AI push. Top 4 AI companies in china. Government endorsement and funding.

Skills & knowledge to build your personal network in China
Your pitch deck. In Mandarin.
Study real cases.
Connect with domain experts.
Polish your Mandarin presentation skills.
Delivered with AI insights & accelerated learning.


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Finance Mandarin Masterclass image AI in China

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Finance Mandarin Masterclass image AI + FinTech in China

Finance Mandarin Masterclass image IPO + M&A in China

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Your Faculty Director

Vienne Lee

Director, Hantong Finance Institute Limited

Vienne Lee has 20 years of experience serving the finance and legal sectors in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

As the head trainer for top Business Mandarin teachers at Business Mandarin Ltd., she originates and designs comprehensive training to strengthen bankers’ Chinese language foundation, strengthen their understanding of Chinese government policy and regulations, and strengthen their necessary market intelligence.

Return on investmentis realised when Vienne's clients excel on complex transactions across sectors and financial products in China.


"Vienne CC Lee is a super-connector full of passion and entrepreneurial spirit. She has coached numerous senior executives in real estate investments in Asia Pacific. Vienne's program "Finance Mandarin for Real Estate" include REITS, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Investment Structure, major China Property Developers profile, SOEs etc. Particularly useful is her insight into these topics from a Chinese cultural perspective. I would have no hesitation to recommend her to any real estate senior executives seeking to strengthen their Mandarin and at the same time gain insights into the Chinese investment market."

Jimmy Phua
Managing Director at CPPIB

"I studied with Vienne for a year focussing on business related Chinese topics ranging from private equity and leveraged buyouts to trade finance. Vienne quickly understood my learning style and adapted her teaching style to suit, she came well prepared to each lesson with case studies relating to the latest news on telecoms, banking and finance.
In addition to language skills, Vienne provided insights into Chinese culture and business practices which were invaluable for navigating working in a Chinese company. If you are looking for someone to study business Chinese with I thoroughly recommend studying with Vienne."

Nick Anscombe
Director, Middle Market Financial Sponsors - Asia Pacific at HSBC

"My internal auditor highly recommended Vienne Lee to me as my first Mandarin Chinese trainer, when I worked at Fidelity. Vienne has been coaching executives in the financial market for 18 years. She is passionate in helping students to make progress. I am happy to recommend her to my connections."

Kevin Brocklehurst
Regional Director of Investment Governance & Legal at AIA

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This program also counts towards an Finance Mandarin Executive Certificate, which you can earn upon completion of four programs where at least three of the four come from your chosen certificate track and at least one is completed in-person.

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