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FinTech - China Insights syllabus

10 topics in this course

6 to 8 hours estimated study

Advanced level

Finance Mandarin's FINTECH course will equip you with the communication skills, confidence, and strategies for China's FINTECH landscape, in Mandarin Chinese.

You will learn how to speak the language of FinTech. Including:
✅ Big data & AI

✅ Mobile technology

✅ Distributed computing

✅ Marketplace platform

✅ Cloud computing & open API

✅ Cryptography

Schedule Aug2020 cohort

27 Jul
week 1
3 Aug
week 2
10 Aug
week 3
17 Aug
week 4
24 Aug

31 Aug
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Jack Ma
Chairman Alibaba Group

Pony Ma
Chairman Tencent

易纲 Yì Gāng
Governor PBoC People's Bank of China

Charles Li

Richard Liu
Chairman JD Group


Alibaba Group

PBoC People's Bank of China



Ant Financial

Case study Take aways Key Financial Concepts
Topic 1

Ant Financial - Why Not IPO yet?

Alibaba affiliate Ant, which had an implied valuation of $150 billion during a 2018 fundraising, is preparing to step up plans for eventually going public in HK and PRC.

Speculation has grown that Ant, the world’s largest so-called “unicorn” — a newly-formed unlisted tech firm valued at $1 billion or more — is working toward an IPO 2020.

• supervision, regulation of markets

• AI artificial intelligence


• core

• block chain

• the Internet

• chairman

• chairman of the board

• to solve

• e-commerce

• to evaluate

• payment

• channel

• FinTech finance technology

• distribution (business)

• cooperative partner

• vetting

• agreement

• licence

• currency

• commercial bank

• wisdom

• strategic cooperation

• small or micro company

• settlement

Topic 2

China Fintech Insights: 6 innovations

In this case study, you will learn about FinTech report on the HK banking industry, written by HKMA. in full collaboration with SFC, the Insurance Authority, and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.
Six innovations: Big data & AI
, Mobile technology, Distributed computing
, Marketplace platform
, Cloud computing & open API
, Cryptography.

Topic 3

HKMA issues 4 more Virtual Bank Licenses

In this case study, you will learn which virtual banks can outperform others. And why. We will look at the products and platforms, teams, network, and the parent companies.
Ant Bank, ZA Bank, Infinium, Insight Fintech, PingAn One Connect, WeLab, SC Digital Solutions, and Livi VB Bank.

Topic 4

ICBC Alibaba Ant Financial JV in FinTech

Giants in their own right, ICBC - the world's largest bank in terms of assets - will work with Alibaba and Ant Financial by leveraging their collective expertise in electronic payment settlement and cross border finance to promote the wider use of digital technology in financial services.

Topic 5

JD CEO Richard Liu: Autonomous Delivery

Takes aways:
- Richard Liu's vision for Autonomous vehicles,
- disrupt logistics distribution business models,
- transform rural agriculture.

Topic 6

PBoC FinTech 6 Sand-box programs

The 6 sand-box programs are
1. the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s supply chain financing project;
2. Bank of Agriculture’s microloan product;
3. a payment token project jointly developed by Citic Bank, China UnionPay,
4. Baidu’s fintech arm Du Xiaoman Financial and
5. online travel service platform;
6. Citic Bank’s API solutions;
7. Bank of Ningbo’s fast loan product; and
8. a project using cell phones as point-of-sale devices that was jointly developed by China UnionPay, Xiaomi and

Topic 7

PBoC Issues DCEP, Digital Currency Electonic Payment VS Alipay, Wechat Pay (intermediate)

Huang Qifan: “China will likely be the first country in the world to issue sovereign digital currency.” Do you know who is Haung Qifan?
1. What is Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP)?
2. What are the differences between DCEP and Alipay, Wechat Pay?
3. What are the differences between Bitcoin?
4. How can we convert the DCEP?
5. When will it be launched?
6. Why China PBoC launch the DCEP?
7. Can it empower the AML?

Topic 8

Tencent & Alibaba invest in new infrastructure

In this case study, you will learn how Tencent and Alibaba e-commerce giants are follow the State Councils initiatives on new infrastructure investments. Including: AI, BigData, DataCentres, Cloud Computing, Data Security, IOT InternetOfThings, AV data transmission, and Science Parks. These infrastructure initiatives are all related to FinTech.

Topic 9

Virtual Banks in Singapore MAS

In this case study, you will learn: how Ant Financial and Xiaomi have extended their FinTech investments to Singapore. Are local Singaporian banking institutions competitors or partners ?

Topic 10

Xiaomi FinTech

In this case study you will learn, Xiaomi investments in many domains: FinTech for virtual banking, e-commerce, games, local life, entertainment, transportation, and hardware. What are the catalysts to trigger Xiaomi's expansions. What are the constraints ?

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