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IPO: China outbound syllabus

10 topics in this course

6 to 8 hours estimated study

Intermediate level

Finance Mandarin's IPO course will equip you with the communication skills, confidence, and strategies to assess IPO and pre-IPO potential investment opportunities, in Mandarin Chinese. You will learn how to speak the language of IPO road shows, evaluate types of conerstone investments and their defining qualities, and develop the confidence and ability to assess Chinese investment IPOs, and maximize the value of your own judgment.

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29 Jun
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6 Jul
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13 Jul
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20 Jul
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27 Jul
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3 Aug
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3 Aug
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Jack Ma
Chairman Alibaba Group

Charles Li

Richard Liu
Chairman JD Group

Daniel Zhang
CEO Alibaba

Eric Jing
President Ant Financial


Alibaba Group


Ant Financial

HKEx Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.

CICC China International Capital Corporation (3908:HK)

Case study Take aways Key Financial Concepts
Topic 1

Alibaba Considers Second Listing in HK

- why Alibaba is raisning more capital
- dual right share structure
- US and HK listing regulations
- other unicorns with dual share structure

• investor

• scale

• listed/listing

• income

• service

• AI artificial intelligence

• promote

• core

• to grow

• to comprise

• brand name

• costs

• valuation

• medical treatment

• to solve

• efficiency

• shares

• channel

• to operate

• distribution (business)

• disclose

• to believe

• network (computing, telecommunications, transport etc)

• market share

• proceeds

Topic 2

Ant Financial IPO

Ant Financial was one of the largest listing in 2018.
- Which Exchange was selected ?
- What was the valuations ?
- Who were the sponsors ?
- What does it mean for Ant Financial to have A-share listing ?

Topic 3

China Luckin Coffee IPO in US

- who is the Chairman of Luckin coffee
- who is underwriting the IPO
- compatative advantages
- Starbucks relationship

Topic 4

China Tower Chairman Tong Jilu: Better Operation

- China Tower Chairman Tong Jilu
- telecoms infrastuctre
- growth in base stations

Topic 5

HKEX Biotech IPO in 2019

- new listing regulations for Biotech
- how much capital has been raised
- revenue rules

Topic 6

JD CEO Richard Liu: Autonomous Delivery

Takes aways:
- Richard Liu's vision for Autonomous vehicles,
- disrupt logistics distribution business models,
- transform rural agriculture.

Topic 7

Meituan CEO Wang Xing: IPO part 1

- CEO Wang Xin presentation style
- Meituan market share
- autonomous delivery
- customer service

Topic 8

Online Education Case Study: TAL

TAL Education (TAL) stock tumbled after a short-seller accused the China-based provider of after-school tutoring of overstating its profits over the past three years.

In a report, Muddy Waters claimed TAL inflated pretax profits by 28.4% or $153.2 million between fiscal years 2016 and 2018, and overstated its operating profit by at least 21% and net income by 43%

Topic 9

Top 10 HK IPO in 2018: PingAn Good Doctor

PingAn Good Doctor listing in 2019:
- How are the shares allocated ?
- Who are the investors ?
- what is the reserve margin ?

Topic 10

Xiaomi CEO Leijun: What shall you consider for IPO

- Xiaomi CEO Leijun
- leaders' presentation style
- what are the benefits ofrom listing ?
- stability
- brand
- capital raising

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